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About Our Company And Our Projects

Whether your garden needs trees, shrubs, perennials, groundcover, fruiting plants, or maybe even home and garden products...we have it all at Vivek Nursery Garden.

We have been offering our services like Plants Supply, Annual Maintenance and Landscaping to various government and private agencies. We have also been providing our services to some famous resorts and guest houses in India. We also offer water irrigation system to our customers and also maintain their gardens. The Nursery has probably one of the largest collection of Orchids in India and also probably the largest collection of landscaping plants in India. The Dennis family and the Vijaya Nursery Garden have been in the forefront in the field of Horticulture in Tamil Nadu. It is one of the pioneers in terms of introduction and exotic flowering plants collection, among the flowers and orchid nurseries in India.

The Nursery has been in the forefront of hybridizing, introduction and popularizing some of these orchid hybrids for both commercial and hobby growers in this part of the world. These various native and exotic plants propagated in this beautiful garden is now being offered to the flower lovers in India through Mail order with a hope to start online mail order nursery for home gardens – which we feel, is highly overdue.

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About our company and our projects

Vivek Nursery Garden is situated in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India.It has been a labour of love for the whole family, experimenting with newly introduced plants from the world over. Some of the plants grown in the nursery are: azaleas, landscaping plants like Hemerocallis (Day Lilies), Agapanthus, Magnolias, Bromeliads, bamboos, ferns etc. These are just to name a few among the many perennial flowering plants and shrubs.

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